“What do you hold sacred?”

Students of a “Welcome Class” (classes for students who have recently arrived in Germany as migrants) take part in a workshop in the exhibition.

“Blurring fits the topic of religion”, says one student about the photographs by Tania Reinicke. “Religious texts can often be interpreted in many different ways”.

“What does the dragon stand for?”, one student wants to know and points to the pewter figure of St Michael. “It stands for the evil that has to be overcome”, explain facilitators Susanne Lanwerd and Bärbel Rothhaar. “But it is unclear whether ‘evil’ refers to people with different beliefs, or to the evil in ourselves that we have to fight against.” They proceed to discuss militant interpretations of religion.

When asked what they consider holy in their lives, the students give different answers: “My free time”, says one. Going on holidays, nature, and the Qur’an are also named as things they hold sacred.