Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time at a casino (this is especially true for machine players) has almost certainly come into contact with a casino bum at some point in their life. When a player is at the slot machine (or, on rare occasions, in the restroom), these individuals will approach him or her with a sob tale about needing money for petrol or anything similar, and will beg for $5.00 or “whatever the person can spare,” according to the rules.

These individuals are more than a little annoyance since, unlike the man panhandling on the sidewalk, they are well aware that their intended recipient has cash money in their possession at all times. The ability to make a remark such as, “I do everything on credit and have no cash, sorry,” while the machine that you are really playing says very plainly that you have, at a least, $XX.xx in cash, is obviously not feasible.

Consequently, I have devised a few suggestions that have seemed to minimize the amount of times on which I have had to deal with casino bums; please share any other suggestions that you may have in the comments section!

Play with as little a denominator as possible while you’re having fun.

Obviously, avoiding a good pay is not a realistic option (and it’s not something you’d want to do anyway), but you can avoid giving the impression that you’ve hit something when you haven’t in reality. When it comes to this tip, I’ll confess that there’s a little bit of a cost-benefit analysis going on: Do you wish to actively avoid any possible casino crooks at the risk of having to reload the machine more often in the future?This is based on the premise that casino bums are more likely to approach a player who seems to have a significant (to them) amount of money in the machine since it is more difficult for that player to say “No” or reply with anything like, “I’m far down, I’m sorry, I can’t assist.” When playing video poker at the quarter level, for example, you should consider loading the machine with $20 bills rather of $100 bills. While the beggar can see exactly how much money you have in credits, he or she will not be able to see how much money you have in your wallet in most cases.


In many ways, this advice is a continuation of the previous. Once again, the only amount of money the jerk is certain you have is the amount of money that is now shown on the machine in front of him. If you get a “Good” pay, cash the ticket out immediately or keep it in your wallet to cash later when you reload the machine with another $20. This is also good advise, in my opinion, for those who bet for fun on the side. The Expected Loss on a game is calculated by multiplying coin-in times House Edge. However, I believe there is a psychological factor that makes it more difficult for a person to hit something as large as $200 pay and actually receive that ticket before placing it back into a machine, or to cash the ticket and place ten $20 bills back into the machine after receiving it. Therefore, this may also serve as a money-saving strategy in certain instances.

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