Warlords: An Overview of the Crystals of Power

Swedish software company NetEnt has created a slot machine for gamers who want to juggle multiple tasks at once. You can do things like combat warlords for control of the globe, or you can just spin for cash. Years of fighting have narrowed the field to only three warlords, and none of them is weaker than the others. These vastly varied lords not only fight fiercely in Warlords: Crystals of Power, but they also deliver a plethora of advantages to their lucky gamers. If you think you have what it takes to topple the dynamic duo and grab the spotlight, keep reading.

Whereas some slot machines make an effort to endear by pandering to the sentimental, Warlords: Crystals of Power does the exact opposite. Playing in such a perilous setting requires great skill. The warlords are three people you wouldn’t want to run across in a dark alley: a Barbarian, a Priestess, and a Samurai.

The game’s 5-reel, 3-row grid is situated in the heart of a battlefield, where troops are engaged in a fierce conflict. Warlords: Crystals of Power is a great option if you’re the type of gamer who enjoys going toe-to-toe with a slot machine. Add in some hefty sound effects, and you can really feel the epicness seeping through your screen.

In order to get in the game, players must first establish their stakes by selecting a bet level (from 1 to 10) and a coin value (from 0.01 to 1) from the menu bar. This implies that players can enjoy a pleasant betting range between 15 p/c and $/€150 every spin. The low-to-medium volatility and high RTP of the default setting keep the math model from being as severe as the game it powers. Warlords: Crystals of Power has a hit rate of roughly 33.33%, and as we’ll see, this, together with the game’s many other aspects, makes for a very action-packed battle.

Three of a kind from left to right on the first reel always wins. Players get 30 fixed paylines to work with and nine normal pay symbols to line up. Six 1×1 icons, including three helms, a boar, a panther, and a wolf, represent the respective warlords on the lower half of the board. There are three premium symbols representing the warlords, and they all pay out 10x to 20x the wager for a full house. The triple jewel wild can stand in for any other symbol (scatter excepted) to increase your payout by 20 times.

Warlords: Crystals of Power’s features are its strongest suit, and they are present in both the main game and its expansions. Let’s start with the lowly wild, which has a chance of becoming an overlay wild during any regular spin. One of these three iterations will occur in response to a trigger:

The first four reels receive a 2×2 wild block thanks to the Barbarian Hammer.

The Priestess Arrow can shoot anywhere from 2 to 5 arrows, and any symbols that are hit will go wild.

When the Samurai sword slashes across reels 1–4, it creates 2–5 wilds in its path.

A blue scatter sign activates the bonus game for the barbarians, a green one for the priestesses, and a red one for the samurai. When multiple scatters of a certain type appear, the warlords engage in a battle via respins. This might result in the feature being triggered by the appearance of three of the same scatter symbol, or it could result in the player receiving a consolation reward of 3x to 100x their wager.

The standard number of free spins included with Barbarian Free Spins is 9. In this round, you’ll only see the warlord and animal symbols, which pay out more. In this new bonus round, landing a scatter symbol awards an additional three free games.

Every time a scatter symbol appears during the Priestess Free Spins bonus round, the win multiplier increases by 1. You should focus on this bonus round because it has the most potential rewards.

Samurai Free Spins comes with 5 free spins where the scatter symbol becomes a sticky wild for the full duration.

Conclusion: Warlords of Crystals of Power

Sometimes in this modern world you simply want to get up from your desk, take off your tie, and put on your war gear to give in to your baser instincts that you’ve been trying to tame. Obviously, the need to rebel is stifled by the duties of paying rent or a mortgage, a partner, children, and expenses. Still, it exists, and in Warlords: Crystals of Power, a slot machine from NetEnt, you can unleash your inner ferocity and do battle in the dazzling game world the developer has built.

To the victor go the prizes, with potential payouts of up to €/$1,000,000, or 6,666 times the player’s initial wager. If you’re looking for the highest payouts, go out the Priestess Free Spins with the increasing win multiplier. The rest of the game isn’t terrible too, yielding wins of up to 600 times your stake during the base game, with more arriving via the additional options.

There’s a lot going on in Warlords, and it may feel rushed at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few spins. The game’s savagery and power may have won you over by then. The NetEnt team has outdone itself with the visual design of their slot game Warlords: Crystals of Power. Warlords: Crystals of Power is a game worth getting pumped up for if you want to unleash your inner barbarian, feel some serious adrenaline, and walk away with some serious loot.

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